Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lab C- International Lab

Good day mate and welcome to Australia! One of the most common games in Australia is called Netball and that is exactly what i based my lesson on for LAb C. The game is a mix between Handball and basketball and is a good activity to switch things up and expose your class to a new sport. I was pleased with the way this activity went and think I began to open up a little ore than in previous labs. I believe my best accomplishment of this lesson was keeping the students involved ad never made them wait around. As you can see in my TIME CODING SHEET my whole lesson was almost entirely instruction and activity and only two minutes for waiting and management combined. Completing this sheet really let me see where all my time was going in the lesson and showed me I could take a little more time off my instructions and a little more time into the activity itself. It gave me a good example to learn from when I have to complete my Lab D lesson.

Something I thought I really need to work on would be my feedback! According to my FEEDBACK ANALYSIS FORM, I only gave individual feedback to 5 out of 15 people in the class. That isn't even 50 percent and is something I really need to improve on. I gave a lot of general feedback to the class but need to give more individualized feedback to really make an impact on my students. Not only will they learn more when I critique them individually it will make the students willing to work harder to get better at what we are doing in class. After looking at my CONTENT DEVELOPMENT SHEET I noticed that I needed to do more challenges. I was mostly using cues and basing my lesson off that, but when I see it like this I believe the students need to look forward to playing some sort of game to o along with the cues and not just drills.

This was a very interesting lesson for me to teach because it took me out of my element from the beginning. It was an entirely new game that I have never played before and now I needed to learn how to play the game and be able to teach it to 15 of my peers. I believe that I have improved since my last lab and cant wait to see my improvement next time around in Lab D!

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